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Tests for PCOS

You may be advised the following tests to help diagnose PCOS, or to treat or monitor its symptoms.

It may seem like an extensive list, but it is important to understand what is going on in your body before making any suggestions.

It is advisable to perform these tests in the early part of your cycle (between day 2 and 5 of period), with a 12 hour fasting period for the first sample. Following the collection of the fasting sample, you need to drink 75gm of glucose dissolved in approximately 300ml of water over a 15 to 20 minute period. Please note the time that you finish your drink.The second sample needs to be collected exactly 2 hours from this time (2 hours from the time you finish drinking the glucose water)

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Fasting Blood Sugar

  • Post Glucose (75gm) Blood Sugar

  • Serum Insulin Fasting

  • Serum Insulin Post Glucose (75gm)

  • Serum TSH, Free T3, Free T4

  • Serum Prolactin

  • Lipid Profile

  • Liver Function Tests (LFT)

  • Renal Function Tests (RFT)

  • Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1c)

  • Free and Total Testosterone

  • SHBG

  • Androstenedione

  • DHT


  • 17 Hydroxy Progesterone

  • hs CRP

  • Serum Homocysteine

  • Serum Vitamin B12

  • Serum Vitamin D3

  • Serum Zinc

  • Serum Copper

In addition to this you may also need an Ultrasound of your Pelvis and Abdomen