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There is a team behind you at thePCOStop, one stop PCOS clinic in Mumbai, to get you on your path to Freedom from PCOS.
The team is led by Dr. Sukhpreet Patel and Dr. Purnendu Nath

thePCOStop Dr Sukhpreet Patel PCOS Clinic PCOD Clinic Mumbai PCOS Treatment


Dr. Sukhpreet Patel is a Gynaecologist who specializes in Adolescent Health, PCOS and Fertility. She has been a part of many School Health programs to create awareness about hormones amongst young girls, helping them grow into healthy women. She demonstrates her brilliance in medicine by, not just knowing how to achieve distinction grades through medical school, but being aware of the limitations of conventional medicine, and thus understanding when lifestyle changes should be given greater importance. She is an Honorary Fertility Specialist at the PCOS clinic at the National Institute of Research in Reproductive Health (NIRRH).

As a mother of teenage children and, having worked as a fertility consultant for over 20 years, she has helped numerous couples around the world get past infertility problems to have babies through various services initiated and offered at Vita Fertility Clinic, Mumbai

thePCOStop Dr Purnendu Nath Puru the Guru PCOS Clinic PCOD Clinic Mumbai PCOS Treatment


Dr. Purnendu Nath (Puru the Guru) earned his PhD in Finance and knows a thing or two about working in high-pressure environments, whether it is to achieve high exam grades or hit a sales target. From marathoners to the chronically ill, from housewives to CEOs, from young children to the elderly, he has made a difference to many lives through his mentoring of people like you around the world. His primary focus is on lifestyle tweaks so that you can get to your goals in an enjoyable manner with as little medication as possible.